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The most delicious French pastries


Arctic Fox

So, the “first” being that I’ve never really warmed up to animals, most of you know this… but I was doing research for my paper on drilling in the Arctic and I found this adorable guy… I think I would love one! But you know, trust me to find one of the few species whose habitat is disappearing (the Ice caps are melting…) so I don’t think he would survive too well in the states. Unless I get a giant freezer with some sea ice (Sea ice is warmer than Land ice and they survive better there). But still, I’ll leave him be. But I actually really think he is adorable!  =)  Fun fact for the day ♥

My Skeleton!

Hey guys!!  Happy Halloween!! Hope you all have a great time tonight, whatever it is you are doing! Let me know, I wanna hear all about it! XD



P.S.  I got my chest x-rayed to finalize my residence permit, and I got to keep it! I have never seen an X-Ray of me before! how cool. And there is a couch in there too, how strange… I don’t remember how that got there… :p

...would it have killed you to have been a bit more creative?

...would it have killed you to have been a bit more creative?

Yeah… so here are a few random signs and etc that are just much more hilarious messed up in translation.  I will post soon about Cannes next!

Translation I always see "The Pleasure of Pain", real translation: "The pleasure of Bread"

Translation I always see "The Pleasure of Pain", real translation: "The pleasure of Bread"

Yeah… cause it’s actually a bakery =) but it made me laugh a bit…

Told you so.

Told you so.

Riiiiiiight on the sidewalk.

~ Pictures and video updated! ~

~ Pictures and minor post updates throughout the other posts below! ~

– Post updated below –

… prooooolly cause Sasha is really good at measuring pours with Malibu… too good in fact. This is more of a funny sarcasm bit as it leads to the story of how we met Hazel (my second roommate), in a roundabout way. So first of all you should know that when I post something, it has happened days ago and many weird crazy turns have happened in the midst of me writing the posts to you. So I must sit back and recollect the days that have passed… I had just written to you about the giant market, Carrefour and while Sasha and I were trying to find something that could be used as a cutting board (we found a pretty tough yet flexible placemat with pictures of coffee beans on it that looked the part) and so lo and behold we get a call from someone- the driver who is bring Hazel to the residence. She didn’t tell us when she was arriving, so Sasha and I had gone to the supermarche and it takes sometime to get there, because we had to take two busses…. (did I mention I hate the bus system?) anyways she was at the residence, but we had the only key soooo she had to wait there until we got back…  so when we finally arrived hauling all our purchases, we got close to the room and started yelling “Haaaaaazeelllll” and on the third try as we got closer we heard a “Heeeeeeyyyy” and she was sitting outside our room with all her stuff… aw we felt pretty bad but anyways yet again it was like we already knew her…. and her… many many suitcases… haha. So she brought us tidings of Malibu and joy… And I proceeded to make drinks with Orangina, the new yellow Fanta, and Malibu in these half glasses. WITH ice…. and THEN I poured the malibu. Apparently Sasha didn’t see me put the ice in first so when Sasha said I’ll make more just like the first one! (She had also mentioned 2 minutes before this that she had a bartender license) we said ok, and she took out the Malibu, brought it over to the table and poured some in each glass but when Hazel and I turned to take one, we both had “What the…??!”  expressions and Sasha could not understand what the problem was. Basically, she had poured JUST Malibu up to the halfway mark of the glass, which if you measure two or so inches up from the bottom of a 2 and a half inch diameter glass… that was all liquor. She had not poured any Fanta or Orangina yet. ha…. and she said “But I watched you, and I just copied what you did!” yeah…. you just forgot the ice… it was cute. Especially when she started saying “Well sorry” in her Canadian way (sohree). Anyways, it was a nice night with the arrival of the 3rd roommate. Annnd then orientation was the next day…. joy? More to come soon!

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