IN COPENHAGEN, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is ending today. It started two Mondays ago on December 7th. Leaders from 156 countries came together to reach a much much more concrete goal for climate change. Developing countries are required to come up with “actions” instead of just talk. It’s about time. A great many people are excited about this… economists, environmental groups, developing countries, developed countries, countries who have already been on the road to sustainability for years, just waiting for everyone else to come aboard as well, and everyday people like you and me. We need to be excited, and we need to have hope. On the left side of my website you will find two new things: First, I have put up pictures from the Christmas Market in Monaco – I felt that they had the right idea. They had a “Save Our World” tent, and beyond the alluring exterior, there were some very creative ideas and innovations dealing with renewable resources. The theme is “Closing the LOOP.” It’s not exactly saying “save the world by redecorating your living room with colorful oil barrel seats,” or that by “putting a bottlecap dresser in every home,” you are making the world a better place… But what it is doing is igniting a spark in the everyday person’s mind to get them started on thinking creatively, thinking renewable, thinking wisely. I walked away with a smile.

Close the Loop

I want to share something with you – something that has become close to my heart. I wrote an essay (a loose essay – semi-professional: just like me) which consists of my feelings compiled onto a page on the left side under “In Discovery of Ourselves,” called : “On HOPE”

I didn’t write this for a class, and it was not a required project. I wrote this for me, and I wrote this for you. I’m not trying to preach, but I am very passionate about this. Right now, awareness is our greatest ally in combating climate change. So please, take it or leave it but I hope sincerely that you read it.

 Set your playlist to the song “Marchin’ On” by OneRepublic while reading. Yeah, I’ll admit it could be more epic – but this is me, and you’re looking through my eyes here ♥ Or not, it’s as you like.

I can only tell you in so many words how beautiful our Earth is, but sometimes you really need to see it to believe it… to be reminded of what is worth saving: A 4 billion year-old legacy. Please take the time to watch this video before or after:  HOME

Thank you.

References for facts and figures are available upon request. =)