Yeah, we went for the 10 scoop bucket of Gelati. This is the story of when Hazel and I went to Nice.  Saying she “loves” ice cream would be a huge understatement. When we first got our place I happened to be the first one to bring home a pint of ice cream, I stuck it in our freezer and went on my merry way until Hazel came home later that day, opened up the freezer to get a pizza. The next thing I hear from her is “WHAT have you DONE?!”  me: O__O eep? “Who put this… this… thing… in here?”  hah… what thing?  “This… temptation! I can’t even look at it but now that I know that it’s in there I won’t be able to pass by the kitchen without having this overwhelming desire to finish the entire thing off in five minutes. And believe me I have done it in less. How could you do this to me?”  so by now I am having a real hard time trying to determine if she is serious or not but I went with it and offered her a bowl. Apparently it is really that she doesn’t take anyone up on offers for some of their ice cream because she will just keep eating it. Lol.  SO. Anyways. This should serve as a successful transition to what happened next in Nice.

We walked through the older part of Nice where there was a Gelati place that offered as their maximum “The Bucket” which fits 10 scoops – 10 flavors. So she said “We should get that!” to which I stupidly replied Can we really finish all that? Hah. So yeah, It was sooooo tasty. There is one picture on the sidebar where behind me there is a giant ice cream cone with all ten scoops piled on. I WISH it was physically possible to do that, it looks AWESOME. So these are the flavors we got: Pistachio, Toblerone, Citrus, Pear, Chestnut, Stracciatore (cinnamon-y), Chili chocolate, White chocolate, Banana, and Violette. YUM. 

We then walked around the city, and worked our way up to the cemetary that looks over all of Nice. We walked through the gravestones… and I noticed that people put stones on graves kind of like how we lay down flowers. Then up to the view of the Acropolis – the city really is huge. I love how the city reaches throughout the mountains that come rolling right against the shore. You have the mountains, the city and the ocean all there for you. And further up there was a waterfall – it is so beautiful with the way the glittering water stream seems transparent when you can see the ivy crawling on rock wall behind it. The rainbow was an added smile feature.

The Russian cathedral… was amazing. I would love to see more of those turnips… go to Russia… =) The architecture is gorgeous. The weather was beautiful that day… with a warm breeze and the ocean was such a beautiful blue… I am going to miss that when I come back. I wish I could share it with you all, but in a way I am. =) You know what I also love? When people hang their clothes to dry on clothesline outside their windows and you can see them from the streets below. Little details like that just make everything all the more beautiful.

Ma Cherie!!! Here are the glowing, floating color-changing naked men I was telling you about!! They exist!!! I really need to find out the story behind them…