Yeah. The highlight of my day was explaining to my ever-curious roommate what ROOT BEER was… Yeah. I can’t even think how he could have lived his whole life without drinking even a sip of that delicious glorious drink of the Gods (ok, so that’s nectar but still, it might as well be the drink of the Gods). So I had made some tasty apple crumble the other day and I had forgotten about it because Florent, our agent called out of nowhere to come over and get the manual for the downstairs dishwasher in order to see why it was acting up, so the second I got off the phone with him I ran around the kitchen trying to clean it up (it had gotten a tad bit dirty during the previous evening) so I quickly shoved the dish into the oven to hide it. lol.

Anyhow! I rediscovered it today and decided to have it with some veeeerry vanilla ice cream. And while I was enjoying the ice cream infinitely more than the crumble, standing there in the kitchen… hovering over the carton of frozen cream… didn’t stop until I had successfully put another quarter carton dent in it (The first being when I was making pumpkin soup and I thought it was too salty so I emptied a 1/4 carton of this vanilla ice cream into the pot… it actually came out really well – sweet, spicy, pumpkin-y). Hah, so something in my mind snapped back and I realized what I was doing, I asked myself out loud “Why do I like this so much… it’s not even gourmet or anything, I got it for 2 euros at the Intermarche… wait… OH! Because it tastes just like a root beer float!”  In which my Belgian roommate then replied “root beer float?” So I said “Yeah you know, fill a glass with root beer and add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream.”

“No, what is root beer?”

So, the following conversation went something like this:

Me(incredulously): “Um…. Say what? Did you just ask me what ROOT beer was?”

J.H.: “Oh wait, it’s a dark beer, right?”

Me: “… It’s not alcoholic.”

J.H. “Oh.”

This is coming from the guy who had gone through childhood without ever being introduced to the concept of s’mores… but it’s ok! There are probably a million things that I have never heard of in Belgium – we’ll all just have to have a black cow and s’mores movie night! Now all I have to do is play ignorant to my knowledge of Belgian Waffles and we can all have “Tasty Breakfast Day.”

We should make that tomorrow – we don’t have school, nor does anyone in Europe. On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 WWI officially ended. Be sure to honor this with a moment of silence tomorrow morning at 11:00. =)