Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

The trailer is up right now but it isn’t much to go by:



So I was into these books called “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” a while ago, the first one in the series being “The Lightning Thief” and I always thought they would make great movies – sort of a Greek Mythology meets Harry Potter if you will. And GUESS WHAT – they have! The first one comes out February 2010 – director Chris Columbus, so…. I’m not sure how it will turn out, after all he did direct the first two HP movies as well… who knows, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Personally I don’t think the author Rick Riordan writes nearly as well as J.K. Rowling, but the concept is pretty cool and he does give it a very entertaining flair. Although Riordan is one of the two screenwriters for the movie, so maybe it won’t be so bad, hmm?

I really hope they do well with this series, make me proud. There are a few well-known actors being cast as well. Uma Thurman (Medusa… lol), Sean Bean (Zeus), Pierce Brosnan (Chiron – LOL I think he’s going to be pretty funny as a centaur…), Rosario Dawson (Persephone), Steve Coogan (Hades! Awesome. I think he is going to make a hilaaaarious Hades) and some guy I haven’t heard of as Luke, who becomes the antagonist of Percy (Perseus is his full name – the “Hero” – played by a guy I’ve never heard of but he looks the part). It’s kind of like how Draco Malfoy was the enemy of Harry, but there was always the higher evil of Lord Voldemort – in The Percy Jackson series, “Luke” is kind of like that Draco, but more badass, I hope. And instead of Lord Voldemort, it is Kronos.

 Quick Greek Myth summary on this piece of work: Kronos is a 1st-generation Titan who castrated his own father, overthrew him, had three sons you may have heard of: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades only to be overthrown by the lot of them who then sent him into the depths of Tartarus and sealed him there for all eternity. Something like that. So the Greek Gods have always been tied to places and cultures of power, which is why they currently reside in the U.S. and why Mt. Olympus is hovering over the Empire State Building. Lol. So then the children of these Gods who have messed around with mortals are half human, half god (demi-gods) who must fight the Titans among other obstacles, and thus begins the premise of the series. A lot of it is actually very original, pretty creative… plus I really enjoy Greek Myth. So I’m looking forward to it =)