“…that tonight’s going to be a good, good night.” I don’t know if that song is as popular over there as it is here. So this morning Jonathan was driving us to school (in his BMW lol) and we were trying to beat Benjamin to school – which is a feat, because you have to know how the traffic works, ya gotta feeeeel it, so it’s kinda like a sport- you gotta know when to get into one lane to get a few cars ahead, gotta know which windy road will let out ahead of others, and most importantly which streets are only one way. Lol. And it was pretty funny, us all keeping a lookout and shouting things like “go go go!” or “come on lady, a 3-point turn?” or “You can take him! GO!” with our music blaring, until we reached the highway just as the song “Live Your Life” came on. And I couldn’t help but really smile as I held my breath and I thought about this summer when we were going to TJ’s beach house at LBI and he waited just until we reached the causeway before echoing that same song along the entire way over. The feeling was pretty intense… it was getting dark and I felt really giddy as we drove over the bridge, us together. I smiled, also thinking that nothing here could touch that moment. You guys create quite an irreplaceable feeling, just wanted you to know.