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My Skeleton!

Hey guys!!  Happy Halloween!! Hope you all have a great time tonight, whatever it is you are doing! Let me know, I wanna hear all about it! XD



P.S.  I got my chest x-rayed to finalize my residence permit, and I got to keep it! I have never seen an X-Ray of me before! how cool. And there is a couch in there too, how strange… I don’t remember how that got there… :p


… was what I saw on a t-shirt in Cannes… these people really love them some Obama… or are appealing toward American tourists… In any case it made me smile.

So! I have been really busy! Who would have thought that I would actually have schoolwork to do!

So quite a lot has happened, and I have many pictures and places to tell you about! We shall start with Cannes! This is about a 40 minute bus drive away and you may have already heard of this place for the famous “Cannes Film Festival?” Cannes has many theatres, hosts many concerts, famous orchestras and musical talents perform in the various domes and stages around the city. While there is the very luxurious side of Cannes (pronounced Kann) that boasts high-end shoppes like Gucci and Armani around every corner on the main street, there is also a very quiet, quaint side. There are sailing races – which even after only a few lessons I can begin to appreciate the effort, skill and intuition that one has after years of sailing – and you use all of that – your gut feeling when you are in the wind, on the sea, using many little signs to help you navigate and use your surroundings to your advantage. It is really fascinating to me to watch people race – the wind can change pace, direction at any time and you have to know exactly what to do to bend it to your will. When you catch the wind just right, you just take off – like a motorboat! But that is what is so amazing – that it is a sport that people have done for centuries with just their intuition, experience and how in tune they are to all the influences on the sail, and the boat – and the engine is you. So I would love to race with someone one day – any takers?

So the French don’t really do many sports, but I have seen gentlemen play mini tournaments of this game called Boules I think, and from watching them I could try to guess what the concept was but I could be way off and you can wiki it if you like. It would appear that you get a few tennis-ball sized metal balls and you take turns doing one at a time, trying to get it either as close the marble in the dirt, or actually hit it. Cause when I saw one guy actually hit it, they shook hands and the game was over… but for some reason I thought that they tried to purposefully drag the game out and take longer to hit the marble. It seems to be a little like shot-put and a little like horseshoes to me. Yes, Collin, a little bit from column A… a little bit from column B…

Beyond the harbor, there is a small church castle with an amazing view of all of Cannes and the Mediterranean. There are windy roads with beautiful Provençal colors and cute painted art-nouveau-ish doors with hand knockers that are actually hands! How neat is that. They have streets that wind up and around, not unlike San Francisco and there are adorable restaurants lining the stone walkways. One of the days I went with Olga and Hazel and we just wanted to sit at a café, but you have to buy something so we got the cheapest thing on the menu which was a café (coffee) for €1,80. And so the guy comes out with them, and they are really just tiny tiny cups of coffee, not espresso. And if you want milk it’s extra, but they give you sugar and a biscuit or cookie for free (gratuit).

So we walked around and found an antique market which was pretty awesome – they had little gadgets that Alex would have appreciated, old fashioned signs and ads selling anything from travel destinations to Orangina, skeleton keys (Dani I would have gotten one but the one I wanted was 300€ and we did not look like one for bargaining!!) and they had old tea sets and Louis Vutton purses and this one guy had a whole collection of Elephant things! So apparently there was also a huge flower market but the only day it is not there are Mondays, and guess which day we went on. C’est la vie. Someday I would love to see the lavender fields.

So then we walked around old town and we ran into the most beautiful thing in Cannes. A Macaron and chocolate shoppe. In case your life has not yet been deliriously brightened by the discovery of these delicious French desserts, allow me to spread the wonder: They are little cakes, there are two puffy flavored biscuits with a very yummy slightly gooey filling. They kind of resemble a mini hamburger, but all one color and they taste better than a hamburger, most days. This shoppe had samples and they were very willing to cut up more to tempt us. Yeah, it worked, we caved, we devoured, repeat. They had flavors like violette, rose, citrus, nougat, caramel beurre sel, differing percentages of chocolate, pistachio, lavender, figue, pear, chestnut, blackberry, apple liquor, apple tart, and the list goes on… they only last a week though.. so now I need to learn how to make them and perfect them. =)

HaHa something funny today – in Van Luipen’s Advertising class he was talking about when they were marketing Heineken beer to Japan, and they test group got back to him and was like “Um.. yeah it’s not working so well, since our target market is men.” Luipen “Yeah, so?” TG: “Well it turns out that the color of your bottles is the problem. Green is considered a girly colour in Japan, so they men aren’t really buying it.”  Lol and this is what Luipen came up with: A hilarious commercial of a sumo wrestler looking at one of the bottles wondering if he should drink it or not, and this song comes on in English “I knew you’d never understand… what’s floating in the air…”  heh heh cute.

A few sidenotes: I am writing this in the pc lab at school cause my internet is sloooow and I hear sawing, drilling… it’s a little weird. Another side note: I really wanna go somewhere cool for Halloween. My roommates have the week off for holidays but apparently not me cause I am in a different school technically… agh. Pretty much everyone in Europe will have that holiday period off next week… They are going to Bruxelles and Bruge starting Sunday but I can’t go cause I have class.. I was really sad cause I really wanted to go… haha especially after seeing “In Bruge” but really, it’s supposed to be very beautiful especially during the holidays so maybe I will go around December. So this is the question: Should I meet up with them in Amsterdam for Halloween weekend or am I just asking for trouble considering I know the habits of my roommates… will I be able to enjoy myself? Keep in mind it does cost a pretty euro cent.

♣  You can view the pictures from Cannes on the left bar and the first should start with me holding my delicious macarons!

“…that tonight’s going to be a good, good night.” I don’t know if that song is as popular over there as it is here. So this morning Jonathan was driving us to school (in his BMW lol) and we were trying to beat Benjamin to school – which is a feat, because you have to know how the traffic works, ya gotta feeeeel it, so it’s kinda like a sport- you gotta know when to get into one lane to get a few cars ahead, gotta know which windy road will let out ahead of others, and most importantly which streets are only one way. Lol. And it was pretty funny, us all keeping a lookout and shouting things like “go go go!” or “come on lady, a 3-point turn?” or “You can take him! GO!” with our music blaring, until we reached the highway just as the song “Live Your Life” came on. And I couldn’t help but really smile as I held my breath and I thought about this summer when we were going to TJ’s beach house at LBI and he waited just until we reached the causeway before echoing that same song along the entire way over. The feeling was pretty intense… it was getting dark and I felt really giddy as we drove over the bridge, us together. I smiled, also thinking that nothing here could touch that moment. You guys create quite an irreplaceable feeling, just wanted you to know.

...would it have killed you to have been a bit more creative?

...would it have killed you to have been a bit more creative?

Yeah… so here are a few random signs and etc that are just much more hilarious messed up in translation.  I will post soon about Cannes next!

Translation I always see "The Pleasure of Pain", real translation: "The pleasure of Bread"

Translation I always see "The Pleasure of Pain", real translation: "The pleasure of Bread"

Yeah… cause it’s actually a bakery =) but it made me laugh a bit…

Told you so.

Told you so.

Riiiiiiight on the sidewalk.

~ Pictures and video updated! ~

… swears Sasha. hahaha… She was on a run around the Cap and she was behind a black guy wearing a baseball hat and a white woman with blonde hair and she got closer and was like “No… it can’t be…” haha and so she kept getting closer and stared at him and apparently it was Tiger Woods and he smiled and waved at her. Hahaha I wonder if he has a villa on the Cap? So I have included pictures of Old Antibes for you on the left and a few more from the Cap. The ones from Antibes are mostly of the provencal architecture, etc as well as outdoor fresh produce markets… and a picture of a funny advertisement.  And a living statue!! he was pretty cool. Hahaha – Jonathon, I thought of the clip from Eurotrip that you showed me and I was tempted to start a competition! But not really cause I wasn’t even painted in silver =)  hmmmm. what else. Ah! I stayed over at one of our mutual friend’s place in Vallauris and it was the most adorable little apartment – so cozy. Daniela is very sweet, she’s from Macedonia and she had a fridge full of Macedonian specialties (such as homemade abricot, and plum jellies… and macedonian chili paste with huge chunks of chilis… soooo goood…) What else… hmmm. Oh haha I was at Carrefour and I had my phone in my pocket and it fell out somehow so I started looking around and couldn’t find it so I finally found Benjamin who was also at Carrefour cause I really needed it… haha I cared more about the charm on it than the actual phone. Anyways so we went all the way upstairs to the security counter and the woman spoke only in French and I told her I lost my phone and did by some miracle someone turn it in? haha so she says “well I don’t know, can you describe it?” soooo I said “black and grey” and she said “is that it?” haha so I say “um… with a diamond charm” and she says what does the charm look like? … so I say “it had a pink diamond flower on it” and she says “just one?”  LMAO so by this time I am thinking WTF just give me the phone I know you have it. So I say “TWO pink diamond flowers.” and she says “Ah, yes I think we have it here.” So she goes over to this safe, discreetly puts in the combination and pulls out this freakin evidence bag, with my cell phone in it and has to cut it open to get it out and tells me she called “Florent” who… ahaha is our agent for the villa… haha and tells me to call him back, makes me sign a paper saying I received the phone, and says I am free to go. hahahaha yeaaaah. French people = crazy.  But Benjamin said he was amazed someone even turned it in – apparently that doesn’t happen in south of France.  Let’s see… what else… I pet a cat the other day – willingly…. it was a pretty adorable little grey cat but not quite a kitten. There are cats eeeeeeverywhere here… Christie, you would love it here just for that … some of them look like they are guarding people’s villas. =)  Oooooh and also there are several shoppes that have metal contraptions for tasting different kinds of olive oil… it’s pretty tasty!  And there are the ultimate baggy pants here – really, Olga has a pair – basically the crotch part is all the way past your knees!  Aaaand there is a picture of one of the classrooms at CERAM – actually it is pretty cool cause they are mostly surrounded by windows and you can open them to let in fresh pine air =)  My Advertising & Promotional Management teacher, Van Luipen is pretty funny, and crazy. He’s Dutch and he has worked for a lot of different companies including Heineken and he has made all sorts of creative inventions. It’s pretty much my favorite class. Oh! hahaha my roomates (except for Jonathan, he was in Prague for the weekend) went to a wild party this weekend that was at someone’s place in the cap and there were seriously over 300 people there. hahaha  they came back at five in the morning and when I woke up sunday morning… well, when THEY woke up… haha I have never seen a group more hung over… Sasha had a 2-hour blank space in her memory… they were all in pain, walking everywhere like zombies… slumped over couches… >< watching them try to make lunch was hilaaaarious… spilling pasta everywhere… massaging their heads… sorry if I sound unsympathetic – they can laugh at me if I ever get that way. They were still recovering on Monday is how bad it was. lol. Oh if you were wondering why I didn’t go… (cause you know apparently my reputation is that I am such an alcoholic, which is on… really no basis at all. Oh, well I do have a flask but that’s only because Collin gave it to me!) Let’s see – I was too busy calling TJ to make sure he wasn’t dying. =) haha jk, well, no I did do that but really, I heard 300 people and thought I might just let it be and have the whole villa to myself. Twas kinda creepy and fun at the same time!  

Oh I did go to my first real club last Friday in Juan les Pins though! It was pretty cool – they had leather chairs everywhere and two bars with fountains and tables for dancing on. Although the bartender guy wanted to charge me 12€ for a mojito and that just wasn’t happening. But the DJ’s mixes were pretty cool, and it was disco night so most people (including me) were dressed up 80’s style and people were dancing on tables. Hee hee… and I have a hilaaaarious video of Isauro pushing Sasha around in a shopping cart at 4:30 in the morning (yeah random stray shopping carts in France, go figure).

Oh and to explain the other random pictures you’ll see first: Bored-as-Hell Pizza Kelly guy – remember how I promised I would get a picture of the guys on mopeds who cart around pizza? Ta-dah!  And I have an obsession with these cookies…. it’s not healthy. Quite literally, it really not. haha … and my eggs were in the back of the fridge so they felt the full wrath of the freezer… and I cooked it anyways. yum. And Olga looking so cute and hilarious, like a little pink Kenny. XD

That is all for now – Next will be from Cannes!

Hazel and pink Kenny aka Olga XD

Hazel and pink Kenny aka Olga XD


I can’t believe you’re 21 already!!! Of course I’ll call you today too but you’re probably out celebrating right now… and again tonight huh? Take care of yourself, k??? I’m wearing my Jimi T-shirt in your honor of “good music” : ) You’re an old man now!! Which of course makes me an old woman but hey. I miss you soooooooo much! And I love you a bajillion times more than that! I hope you have a wooooonderful day! XD

I love you so much!

♥ Laura

P.s. I’m not allowed to send you your present cause of the postage hahaha but I shall bring it back with me!

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