=)  So I know you got excited reading the that title and I will get to that in a little bit buuuuuut first – back to my horror story part III:

So Sasha and Olga return to us looking like death… yikes. On one of Sasha’s huge suitcases one of the wheels came off and on Olga’s, both wheels were now kind of sideways. eep. lol. And it was really really hot that day… They said it was pretty bad pulling their baggage all over trying to find the residence, and then finding the right bus back to us. Apparently they met J.H. while they were waiting for a bus back to us… well, they had never met him before so this is based just on his facebook profile picture. Hahaha I remember now- Sasha said “hmm. he looks like a little French boy holding a tuna.”  hahaha but um… upon further inspection it was actually a pretty badass crocodile. And he’s not French, he’s from Belgium (which gives us hope that he may actually be a decent person) and he’s not so little. Haha I guess Sasha recognized him and yelled out “Jonathan??”  and he looked shocked and instantly said “No.” lmao. But then she explained who she was and all was good. Apparently he had just visited Johan’s place and didn’t like his pipe sticking out of the wall as a showerhead to say the least. He said he felt pretty ripped off, especially after he went by a real estate agency nearby and one of the agents knew Johan’s place and said it was way overpriced and needed a lot of work done and that we shouldn’t pay more than 1500 Euros for it (when Johan had wanted 2600 Euros for it!). So then we all decide to keep looking now that we have the residence and Jonathan still has his place for another week. Plus we wouldn’t get internet for two more weeks. So he calls to say all this as well and that we should all discuss things ourselves over drinks tonight and I explain that it would be fine but we have to move our luggage first. Haha so he asks us which bus station can he meet us and offers to help. So ask Sasha this and she says “I accept your offer!” hahaha she’s hilarious.  So then Johan calls just as we are getting ready to drag all our luggage over to the bus station a bit or a ways down the road, and I say “I will call you later tonight we are really stressed right now- we happened to find a residence to stay in and we have to drag all our luggage on the bus over there now, and it will take some time so we will meet you tomorrow.” And then he has the AUDACITY to say “well, ok but remember that you have to come over to paint Benjamin’s rooms tomorrow and help move the stuff out of the room.” OH! did I not tell you this fun part yet?? So Yeah, the day before this he said that if we wanted Benjamin as the sixth person because he had a car, etc, then we would have to help paint his room because it needed a new coat, AND to help him move the stuff out of the room. Hahaha Sasha heard my short-tempered voice and looked like she was about to grab the phone and start yelling obscenities into it so I said “I’ll call you tonight. Bye.” LOL. Thinking back on this makes me laugh. A lot.

So then us girls literally drag our luggage down the street but then we see the bus coming and so Hazel and Olga run really fast and I try to help Sasha who’s arm is about to tear off because her suitcase weighs a TON. And the wheel is broken so she has to drag it. So here we are, four young women trying to run as fast as we can with all our luggage flying about us and the bus driver takes one look at us and PASSES US BY! I swear that bus is supposed to stop there! Hahaha…. man. So we wait with all our luggage until the next bus comes and it looks preeeeeetty hilarious. Hazel got a picture and I will upload it as soon as I can steal it from Olga’s camera =) So yeah, the effort required to get all our stuff onto the bus full of people is pretty funny too (we get some preeeetty interesting looks) but finally we reach the bus stop in Antibes that we need to get to before we transfer to the one that will take us to Juan les Pins. And right as we get off we see Jonathan coming towards us holding back a smile as he takes Sasha’s suitcase from her and pulls it behind him like it weighs 2 lbs. So we all introduce ourselves as we run around like crazy trying to find the bus stop that will take us to Juan les Pins, which ironically is the one that we got off at.  Triangles are my faaaavorite shape. Not. So finally we get to our destination, Coulour Soleil which is a residence and to our room … 104, which funny enough is the same number our last room was. So this room… (because it IS one room) is one room with a bunk bed, a bathroom, two couches, a table with chairs, a small kitchen and a balcony.  We are pretty sure our suitcases take up half the space. So we all just lay there and relax. I am pretty sure every part of our bodies ache.  So we are all just sitting there on the urge of passing out when Hazel decides to check her email and she has an email from the guy saying that the place is still available! His name is Brian and he is from Great Britain but he has a place in Cap D’Antibes and is renting it out starting October or the middle of September. He asks if Hazel is from Hong Kong (from her last name) and says that he is planning on going there in a few days and can’t wait. He is very polite and you can tell he is British haha, and ends the email with “Oh do call back soon.”   So Jonathan inquires about this place and we show him the pictures and he laughs out loud (I did too at first, honestly) and then realizes we are not joking and says “Seriously??”  So then she is starting to email the guy back and we are all huddling over her as she types and we say “Play the race card! Play the race card!”  hahaha cause it appears he likes Asians? So there are six rooms in this place and we would need a sixth person… Oh yeah and Jonathan got pretty pissed when he found out that Johan was trying to make the girls paint Benjamin’s room and that’s pretty much when we decided to all screw Johan over and steal his to-be tenants from him. So I said “If only I had gotten Benjamin’s number…” and he says “Oh, well I have it.”  Ha. Sweeet. So Johan has called three times while we have been sitting there and I won’t answer because besides from being royally pissed off at him he is calling after he knows that we just spent all our time pulling our things over here and I said I would call him later.  So we get the number for the agent who is dealing with Brian’s place and call to see if we can still see his place today- and by some miracle the agent is still there – on a Saturday! But we have to get over there like, now. So I am pretty much herding everyone out of the room saying “We gotta go now!! Let’s go!” hahaha. So we make it to the bus leaving for Antibes and we looked at the wrong bus schedule for the transfer bus to the Cap, so we had to call a cab so we would be there by 5:45 because the agent was being nice enough to wait until then for us to get there. We made it in time, met the guy outside the place and we walk down the street to where the place was. After the gates automatically opened before us we had a very hard time staying calm. We were thinking to ourselves the whole time “this is too good to be true” and it was hard to allow ourselves to feel joy because we were not sure if it would last for long- we were too used to being burned. Haha… we kept trying to keep each other calm but in the end we just… let ourselves be happy, what the hell. =)  You could hear screeching all throughout the place. LOL… mostly by Sasha and Hazel. Though even Jonathan and Olga kept saying “Oh… my God.” And I… was a little scared to let myself go… but in the end I just couldn’t help it and I basically prayed right then and there that our misfortune might turn around, please, God. 

We were on such a high, it was amazing. It was really, really nice to see everyone so happy =) Especially Hazel. It was… one of the happiest moments I have ever had because it was fascinating to me that even though I just met these people we had already been tested so much, with such stressful situations and with each other, and funny that we could be linked so much, and we could hardly contain our happiness, it was bursting out so physically. We… kept taking turns jumping up and down. Hahaha. Wow. Yeah just remembering, our hearts felt like they were about to burst. Oh yeah… and then Johan called and I finally answered it- apparently he was trying to get in touch with us because he had convinced his family that we were “trusted people” and we could stay in his villa. Ha. Too little too late. And so I told him right there that we were not interested in his villa, for several reasons. One, the price he was charging was way too much for what his place was worth and there was so much work that needed to be done, (oh he tried to start to say all the things he would change but I wouldn’t let him get a sentence in) and I told him that we were very insulted by the whole Hostel situation and lack of hospitality, and that “I am giving you some advice for your next tenants if you get any, you should be up front from the start with everything. Just don’t hide anything. Don’t call back with something new every time. I hope you change this and good luck in the future. Goodbye.” Hahaha… everyone just kind of looked at me smiling and said they couldn’t have done it better. And you know what? Even though we are not guaranteed this new place at all, I have a much better feeling about it, and Hazel, Sasha and Olga kept reminding me that if something is meant to happen, it will, and if not, then it won’t – don’t push too hard to try to make things fit when they won’t. I think I know all too clearly what they mean… Yeah. Just “be,” right?  And I’ll do just that. =)  Sidenote?:  “Stolen” by Vitamin String Quartet (it’s an instrumental cover) – the intro is brilliant… I would love to compose a piano part to integrate with the strings for that song. The song is great, but it needs something… a little more creativity, and a little more power in the chorus… and scattered throughout… maybe a trumpet for the crescendos and to add a touch of playfulness…  it has so much potential. Wow. I can see this as a symphony… I need to learn more about musical theory, but I can imagine a revamped version of this song performed beautifully in an outdoor concert demi-dome… I love the thought of music resonating into the still night and flowing out to where everyone can hear and enjoy it.

So!  We get back to Juan les Pins and we are to meet Benjamin to see what he is like (they were saying that basically it was like we were holding interviews for who was to live with us in our place, and actually, it really was … and it was kind of weird being in that position). So we all wandered around looking for a place to eat before we went to have drinks with Benjamin. We found a nice looking Italian place and I had some penne carbonara and it is basically a cream sauce with egg, but the way they did it was neat, the just put half an egg shell in the middle of my pasta and there was a raw egg yolk in it, which I drizzled on top. It was yummy! Especially with the pieces of bacon. Yup, I know- fatty, huh mom? =) But at this point I didn’t care. I could probably have stuffed 5 puff pastries into my mouth I was so happy. It was a really nice and filling meal, and we all got along great, which is typically, you know, a good sign for roommates.  So with our hearts and stomachs full we went to L’Esterel, a pretty cool Irish pub (they are really popular with French people in their 20’s). So we met Benjamin (who is French) and his girlfriend and he seemed pretty cool – we didn’t tell him about the rest of the place at first, just his room because we wanted to see what he was like as a person just looking for a place to rest his head (he hadn’t been able to find anything and was living in a hostel). And then we surprised him – well, actually Hazel could barely keep it in and said “Oh can we just tell him now?” hahaha so, she showed him the rest of the pictures and he was amazed and very happy. Glad we could spread that feeling to someone who needed it just as much as we did.

Oh so we ran into a few people that we had all met with before one way or another (I almost roomed with the two of them before I met Sasha, Hazel and Olga) named Raquel and Guilherme. Raquel is Mexican, and. Haha Guilherme (or Guil) is actually Brazilian, who goes to school in London, and is now studying abroad for a year in South of France. What’s funny is that he definitely has an English accent… well, he actually sounds exactly like Ewan McGregor and I told him so.  So when you meet people you have at least met once before (or for the first time, sometimes) it is custom to do the kiss on each cheek thing, and so Raquel was coming over to me to kiss my cheek, but after the first one I went for her other cheek (as custom!) and she wasn’t expecting it so we almost kissed. Lol.  Everybody laughed, and then Olga takes that opportune time to tell me that it is only one cheek in Mexico. Hah. At least I found that out first with Raquel before I tried it on anyone else!

5/7 Roommates! From the left: Hazel, moi, Olga, Sasha, and Jonathan

5/7 Roommates! From the left: Hazel, moi, Olga, Sasha, and Jonathan