… on “accident.”  So basically, the “Pompiers” in France are firefighters… and apparently they are really hot. No pun intended. About every time one shuttle passes by (they are medium-sized shuttles… not like our massive fire engines… I don’t know how that’s very efficient but hey.) Sasha shouts “look look, did you see them??” And I think I saw one once though the glass is a little tinted but I guess they are good-looking, but she says it like they are a race of their own or something ha ha, so she half-jokes about starting a fire so they will come and carry her off. I keep telling her that may not be such a great idea. But maybe it will happen… I woke up the other night to the sound of something kind of loud, and I looked over to see that Sasha had yanked out the voltage converter that our laptop plugs go into (the only one that works) while she was half asleep. I asked her about it in the morning and she said she had a dream that her leg had caught on fire from the converter.

So let’s see… the goal for that day was to get a hairdryer, no matter what. Sasha really needed one, and I must admit my hair was kinda funny without one… that, and something is weird with the water here… too little salt in it or something. So after searching Antibes for an afternoon, me perfecting the phrase “Pouvez-vous me dire où je peux trouver un séchoir à cheveux?” which in imperfect French translates to “can you tell me where I can find a hair-dryer?” And Sasha saying “puis je.. ach..e.t.e. chesoir a shevous?” and pointing to her hair. It was kind of funny but they understood her and so most of the people we asked were shoppe owners and they would all come out of the shoppes with us following them, pointing in a direction of said hairdryer, saying “Alors! Something something something…” Yeah we are starting to really understand directions. I already knew “left, right, intersection, keep straight” etc but it was still pretty hard to follow. Hence us not finding the store that sells hairdryers. Antibes is kind of like San Francisco – there are many ways to get everywhere, many hills, and there are very crooked roads, lots of traffic circles, and lots of checking both ways before crossing because I may get squished under an infant car (I say this because all their cars are really tiny and they ride bumper to bumper) so really, I would be wary of getting squished under an entire parade of infant cars. We are getting better at learning what bus lines to take where. I say this and you may think “how hard can it be to find and travel on the correct bus?” but in fact there are 26 bus lines that run through Antibes, I kid you not. Oh and did I already mention that the busses stop running at 8pm? Anyways. We found out that if ever we were to find a hairdryer, our destination would be a huge Jack-of-all-trades market called Carrefour. However it was too late to venture 30 minutes out there by bus and still catch the last bus by eight. So all was not lost, as I had managed to purchase a sautée pan of some sort, pretty well-made for the price (which by the way is still expensive because the currency conversion is now 1,56 € to the U.S. dollar… ugh. I suppose I should be happy for them that their economy has boosted…) Well the success of the pan-purchasing came when we were able to crispify the bread to make bruschetta. It was very tasty bruschetta indeed. And um… I am positive that we have been consuming about 3/4 of a small wheel (6 inch in diameter) of brie, camembert etc… a day. Not each, thankfully… but I am starting to really believe in Christie’s theory about me rolling off the plane as a giant pastry puff when I get back from France (or as a giant wheel of really good cheese) but then I remember that we probably make up for most of it getting lost and walking everywhere. Did you know that for a 6″ wheel of excellent cheese like that costs only about 1,30 €? That’s amazing. So amazing that I will probably be eating cheese until it becomes much less amazing to me when I start to find holes in my wallet…. or in my jeans. I have said quite a lot about cheese! Well, I do love it so. ♥