Carrefour is best described as a giant Wegmans and a Walmart put together. But French, very French. They have many imported and special products and a glorious amount of delicious food, but they also have an electronics department for TV’s, etc and clothing and shoes, jewelry, etc. Then what makes it French is perhaps its three rows of cheese. Ok well to be fair, it’s like when you go down an aisle at a grocery store and you have the two sides, thats two rows, and then they have another half a row, and a longer counter for special and imported cheeses – by the wheel, by the morsel, you name it. The fresh produce section is amazing… I found my figs. I highly contemplated a title for this post something to do with “OMG FIGS!” but I believe a predicament I ran into later on merits the title I chose. But figs… so beautiful… for those who don’t know I recently tasted a fresh fig at Ironbridge before I left the states and fell in love. So was my quest to find fresh figs abroad. And found them I did. Some are disguised under different names, but they could not hide for long… and I have added them to my miniature fruit collection in the fridge. I had them with another fruit I just found out about in France called mirabelle plums (about the size of one of those huge red grapes, but a light yellow-orange in colour) a slice of pancetta (this is actually really tasty – I had wanted some meat, realized that they do not believe in roast beef here and decided to try pancetta because I had heard of it from various cookbooks but never tried it) and some soft cow’s milk cheese all on a slice of campagne bread. It looks amazing and tastes even better- I will include a picture when I am able to use my roommate’s camera. Back to the French side of Carrefour: there is the Boulangerie where you can get all sorts of freshly baked bread. The Patisserie, where you will find all your tasty pastries. The Charcuterie, where you can have a butcher slice and dice all your meaty needs. It’s pretty sweet-looking because it’s got ham legs and sausages hanging from the ceiling. Oh oh oh and best of all, they have a huge section for fruits de mer (means literally fruits of the sea!) as in, seafood! and they just had a whole aisle of fish on ice, squid on ice, strange things I have never seen before on ice, and …. sharks. Looking at you with their dead eyes. Now I say this… that way because it caught me by surprise and it was actually a little disturbing… I felt bad for the poor creature… and it had really black, dead eyes… yup. So basically you tell the seafood people what you want and they bag it and weigh it and price it for you and you are good to go – they are dressed in ponchos because there is a light mist spraying over the seafood. So finally, I checked out – or tried to. The guy tried to explain to me that I had to go weigh my fruit first- while I was in line with people behind me. Finally I got what he was saying and sort of walk/ran back to find a guy who sits there in his chair with three scales in front of him and you put down your items, bag by bag and he prints out stickers and flicks them onto the bags. So I get that done, and run back to the line where the guy behind me had waited so patiently and was very sweet and understanding – he even got me bags for my items! Whoever said the French were rude? They prolly meant Parisians. Watch that come around to bite me in the ass.