Yes. For all you out there that had any doubts, British people are very British. I know this is my first post of me supposedly in Southern France, but I will get to that later. I figure that because this was my first real encounter overseas it ought to be my first post. So I arrived in Great Britain (Heathrow airport) and it was pretty crazy as far as airports go. To keep this part of this post short, here were a few interesting things:

-Every high-end designer you’ve every heard of has a shoppe in this airport and people actually walk in the shoppes and come out of them clutching a bag or two (very confidently so, I might add) containing what they have just purchased, and quite frequently too! I would know because I waited at a cafe called “pret” (kind of like a eco-friendly, fresh foods cafe) for an hour waiting for my next plane, and so I observed… people. Which not to sound creepy, but is actually an activity that I enjoy. And where best to observe than an airport? That and I didn’t want to carry my suitcase of a carry-on plus my laptop everywhere so it felt good to rest.  Well anyways.

-They of course have many candy and confectioner shoppes, with many tea gifts (and pretty interesting tea flavors!) and many tea cookies. And they had a giant liquor shoppe. Make that several liquor shoppes… And no, Collin I did not inquire further.  But none of those items surprised me. What did catch my attention were the chile-chips! Well, I mean they had more than a few different assortments and they were like our doritios, but in my opinion, better… and probably most definitely a difference in the level of heat.

– They are so British. Maybe it’s because I am used to many people mocking the British, imitating the British peoples, or the fact that whenever I meet someone with a true British accent it is rare occasion, that I don’t know how to handle myself surrounded by them. As in… I laugh. I mean, they are quite hilarious! They have such an off-the-wall sort of humor I got to see and hear in person, and then coupled with the accent… I don’t know, I didn’t even mind that I was being searched in customs and it took a half hour to look through my bags because the woman found my little cotton stuffed turtle, picked him up surprised, and said something to the effect of “well oh! And this little guy, well he’s rather cute in’t he? And just squeezed in like this to the bottom compartment. We ought to find ‘im a better home. Here, you pack the rest of your bag right up and I’ll find a suitable place to put ‘im in your other one.” And then she started talking to a Jason Statham double(just add a diamond stud on his left ear) about him and let me tell you. To see Jason Statham holding a tiny cotton turtle and say “well that’s right cute” is… well now you see why I didn’t know how to handle myself.  But the thing that made me laugh the most was when I was waiting to board the plane, and the announcer called for the flight crew for British Airways to board the plane. I looked over and literally laughed out loud. These men and women were walking side-byside in that epic walk/strut that you see the Astronauts do in movies (think Armageddon) but with these goofy grins, just chatting away very loudly in their accents with their very sleek flight attendant dress attire and mini suitcases, like they were the shiz. Our pilot said right before take-off, “I am very excited to be flying this Boeing 777 for you all today!” in a way that made me think this may have been his first time… or he was just really cocky. And then the flight crew .. they were all very bubbly… yet professional. I felt like I was aboard the party plane. I also took a look at their “shop!” magazine and there was a sonar mosquito repeller to “keep the mozzies away” as it said. I might actually get it later on. By the way they have the best airplane food for non-first class fliers, it is so cute and everything is individually packaged and it actually tastes good. I had basil-mozzerella balls in my side salad. One flight attendant asked me if I would like some tea and I said no thank you and he just stood there with the look in his eye like “that wasn’t a question.” So he asked again(comically) and I said “of course.”